The new model in hospitality

Technology and design are the means,
experience and profitability the outcome.

At Líbere Hospitality Group, we merge design and technology, embracing a new concept of accommodation that is more personal, sustainable, and modern. We anticipate the future of the hotel industry, for both owners and our customers.

A comprehensive, professional, and transparent management model

We understand the importance of your asset, which is why our model encompasses everything from concept development and unit mix to marketing, operations, and customer relationship management.

We have developed our own technological solution

Technology is at the heart of our business. With our solutions, we can optimize business operations and provide customers with a unique experience.
Management model, LHG | Líbere Hospitality Group

Above-market profitability

We maximize profitability through sales channel optimization, marketing cost reduction, and proprietary revenue management strategies.

With technology at the core, we take smart buildings and guest experiences to next level, automating processes and reducing costs.

LHG | Líbere Hospitality Group, profitability above the market

Design, operations, and customer service

Design is one of our distinguishing features. We create practical spaces with a strong aesthetic sense, offering welcoming environments where technological innovation and tradition go hand in hand.
LHG | Líbere Hospitality Group; design, operations, and customer service

What types of properties are we looking for?

We can develop the 'LHG Model' in all types of assets, including tourist accommodations (hotels, aparthotels, hostels) as well as residential assets.

We are looking for locations in provincial capitals, urban centers, coastal areas, and economically significant regions in Spain and Europe.

LHG | Líbere Hospitality Group, accommodation, apartments, and hostels.

With the guarantee of working with the market leader

We manage over 1,200 units in our portfolio

Since 2019, we have been responding to the growing demand for innovative accommodations that integrate technology to enhance the travel experience.

In just three years, we have become leaders in hospitality tech in Spain, with over 150 employees and operations in more than 15 properties across 11 major cities, achieving over 1200 accommodation units in our portfolio.

Líbere Hospitality Group, leader in the market.

Our Vision

To become the leading European operator in the alternative accommodation sector.

Current locations and brands at LHG

Currently, we operate 4 properties under 4 major brands. Which one do you identify with?
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We have a great team to make it happen

We are LHG, driven by entrepreneurial spirit, a passion for innovation, a commitment to maximizing profitability, and excellence in guest service.
Founder of Líbere Hospitality Group

Jon Uriarte

Founder of Líbere Hospitality Group

CEOs of Líbere Hospitality Group

Antón de la Rica & Mikel Rodriguez

CEOs of Líbere Hospitality Group